Primary A to Zzz Logo.

22.11.11 / 09:57

On going branding/promotional development for A to Zzz.

22.11.11 / 09:37


22.11.11 / 07:3630

16.11.11 / 09:45

Developmental branding for very talented artist Nuno Lorena.

16.11.11 / 09:45

Poster by Niklaus Stoecklin, 1930. 

13.11.11 / 11:15

I really want to own this domain name but I can’t justify paying £72.00 when I already have one.

12.11.11 / 21:48

Number five in the #DTOY series; the fixed-width, widely spaced poster of impending doom. They say all design should have a function, the function of this poster is to make you blind.

12.11.11 / 20:24


die Bibliothek
I wish they had libraries like this in the UK, it looks like something straight out of a Braun catalogue! 

12.11.11 / 05:41935

Number four in the #DTOY series. If you haven’t made or seen a red/blue duotone poster in the past few years then you must be an absolute hermit. This style of design is more catchy than chlamydia.
No seriously. You should really get yourself checked out.

11.11.11 / 14:40

This is definitely my favourite new blog - MOUSTAIR.

11.11.11 / 12:55125

Another in the #DTOY series, the fabled hipster-circular mask. The more retro you make your photograph the better, if your picture looks like it was taken with a potato then you’re on the right track.
Next you need to duplicate the photograph and make a circular mask out of a random portion of the image. This is where the creativity comes into play, go nuts - invert that shit, change the colour, create some insane patterns. It works best when you include some sort of profound phrase for bonus hipster points.
Other variations include the triangular or square mask, any geometric shapes works. If you really want to push the boundaries then add some 3D shapes to blow peoples minds.

11.11.11 / 12:51

A few new bits on my website, including some new logos for LS Newspaper.

10.11.11 / 06:04