All it ever does is rain

Believe it or not these are oil paintings. 

26.04.12 / 17:261060

More Zimmer Records stuff, this is the new back cover for ‘Jupiter Tales’. The four white circles represent the four main moons of Jupiter.

24.04.12 / 17:261


Andy, take my picture.

24.04.12 / 14:251176


William Miller’s Ruined Polaroids (via It’s Nice That)

24.04.12 / 13:486

The front covers are pretty much done, I’m changing the direction of the back covers though. In order to keep things interesting each back cover will feature typography that integrates with the artwork.For ‘Collecting Dust’ a scientific chart has been used to list the tracks. 

19.04.12 / 18:30


Country Life

Amazing recreations of famous album artwork using Pantone swatches. 

13.04.12 / 13:01544


nvlnvl (UK) - BUY NOW

Curioos is really taking off, you can buy prints of most stuff now.

12.04.12 / 19:06675

12.04.12 / 15:091


19 - Garage, Glasgow (SOLD OUT)
20 - The Ritz, Manchester (SOLD OUT)
21 - Koko, London (Sold Out)

30 - The Republik, Hawaii (On sale now)

08 - Terminal 5, New York (On sale 20 April)

Got my tickets for Manchester!


Emiliano Ponzi

Loving this guys work, really clean, bold lines.

06.04.12 / 05:511087

The nine records so far, still some tweaks to be made. I’m also doing a tenth ‘special edition’ which will be a gatefold sleeve, complete with art book, posters etc.

05.04.12 / 13:03

Here’s another version with a repeating tree pattern. I think I just prefer it the original way…

05.04.12 / 12:43

The album title refers to ‘the forest’, on the back cover are pixelated trees to compliment the glitchy and retro sounds. In comparison the front cover artwork features 3D renders of the same trees on the back cover, highlighting the contrast of the mixed sounds.

05.04.12 / 12:29

Further Zimmer Records work, this EP features an eclectic blend of styles. A mixture of futuristic electronic sounds and glitchy, retro bleeps. 

05.04.12 / 12:25


M I S S I N G    C H I L D R E N
Poster idea.

Loving this style of illustration! 

05.04.12 / 12:221